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About Dee Ellis

From a young age, I had a deep rooted love of reading and writing. I believe I have an overdue book charge notice from when I was about 8. I read anything I could get my hands on; from Apple Books, through my Babysitter's Club, on up through Outsiders, as I grew so did my tastes. One day I picked up a Harlequin Romance [Hawk's Angel, by Sharon Sala to be exact] and never looked back. 


Writing is one of the most fulfilling, frustrating, fun things I have ever done for myself. I do it for the readers too, but it starts out being wholly selfish. I see something, hear a song, dream something, and characters come to life that don't go quiet until I tell their story--even if they zip their lips while I'm in the middle of telling it--and crafting those stories is the most fun I could possibly have. 


I don't claim to be some great talent, and am positively peachy to be a tiny blip on the romance radar. If I wrote for fame and glory, I doubt it would mean the same. I just put words down that mean something to me, characters that matter to me somehow. People like those words, those characters? Cherry on top of a delicious sundae of sweet, sugary fulfillment!


Ten things about me:



  1. I have a mild case of OCD; Like everything in its place, I count my steps if I look at my feet, I check my mirrors four times every time, random stuff like that. 

  2. I also have ADD. Its like being around an orderly squirrel. I can carry on ten conversations while alphabetizing my canned goods. [I don't really ABC my canned goods. Who does that?]

  3. I have literally THOUSANDS of movies and speak in movie quote. Even put a new quote up every day at work to quiz co-workers. 

  4. I don't like Chocolate. I mean, who doesn't like a candy bar now and again, but not a big fan.

  5. I hate bread. Hate it. I often get about two bites into a burger or sandwich and the bread has to go. 

  6. I have two brothers and 13 nieces & nephews. They were busy. [Also counts great niece/nephews]

  7. I love pasta. Any kind, but not really a spaghetti/ red sauce fan. 

  8. I think maybe ten items shows how crazy I am. 

  9. I love horror flicks, the cheesier, gorier, campier and/or scarier, darker the better. 

  10. I don't generally like the norm; 50 Shades, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Cavill, and others that a vast majority love I am MEH about. 

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