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Ladder 17


Let It Burn

Cage Cooper, a hotshot firefighter in Chicago, puts out fires by day—and starts them in the bedroom at night. Really, he’s a firm believer in romance and has been hunting for the other half of himself. She’s out there, and Cage won’t stop until he finds her.

Charli Dixon runs to Chicago to get lost. Lost in her dream job, the big city, and the hope that while she’s lost, she’ll find her true self. But she never expected to be found by a sexy firefighter who claims she’s his future. Yet, she can’t deny the fire that Cage ignites inside her.

Despite her fear, Cage knows he can sooth the scars burnt into her soul. Now, he just has to convince her that what smolders between them, won’t burn them to ash.

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Burn It Down

Finn Cooper lives a hero's life: saving lives by day and giving orgasms by night. He’s fairly skilled with both, too. All he has is the firehouse and the brotherhood of his other firefighters. But when his best friend’s little sister makes him feel like more than a hero, he is willing to risk that brotherhood.

Gigi Cooper is hardly a damsel in distress—and she doesn’t need a hero. What she does need is the man she’s been in love with her whole life. A man who doesn’t think he’s worthy of her love. Gigi believes in Finn and she believes in their happily ever after.

Gigi is ready to be Finn’s hero and prove their happily ever after can survive everything they know burning down around them.

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Burn For Me

Hunter Byrne is bored; after watching his closest friends settle down, he's also tired and lonely. Two words can fix all his problems: Lola Von. Lola is fiery, mouthy and sexy—definitely not boring. She also needs protecting and he’ll be dammed if he lets someone else protect what’s his.

Lola Von won’t have someone telling her what to do. Been there, done that. Lola lives for herself, and no one—not even the sexiest man she's ever met—is changing that. Not even if he’s also the first man to make her feel safe.

Hunter will do whatever it takes to make Lola burn for him.

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Slow Burn

Levi Holt hoped to build a life with his wife and fight fires with his brothers. Too bad his wife didn’t realize marriage is between just two people. Once the ink is dry on his divorce, he finds a new girl stealing his heart. The tiny baby his ex-wife swears is his. He didn’t get being a husband right but he’ll damn sure get being a daddy right.

Brynn Gold came to Chicago for all the wrong reasons. Becoming a nanny for a beautiful baby—with a beautiful father—is plenty reason to stay. That adorable baby, and her sexy father, make her heart burn with what she once gave up—something she isn’t sure she really deserves.

Levi think’s she deserves everything and he’s willing to risk getting burned again to prove it.

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