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Bad Boys Worldwide
Irish Mockup.png

Naughty Irish Sailor

Bronwyn Flanagan believes in fate. Every single time Bronwyn has a doubt or a decision she’s too scared to make, she flips a gold coin. Her fate is left up to chance and lucky for her, fate always seems to give her exactly what she wants.

Until she meets Rooker Leary.

Rooker is a man with no ties to any place or any one. The salty sea has always been his siren call. Until he makes port in Silver Shores. Bronwyn is a sweet siren that calls to him unlike anything ever has. Enough to make both of consider chancing fate. Will Bronwyn rely on a coin toss to decide their future?

*** READER: This was previously published as Naughty Irish Fate, and has been updated with new edits, new material, but it is still the sweet and sexy story it was before! ***

Brit Mockup.png

Naughty British Boss


It Started With a Selfie....

After coming to Silver Shores for love just to lose it, Ella Foster is trying to find something she loves. Instead, she finds something someone else lost. Someone who loves to take filthy selfies that do a number on Ella and her lady parts. Returning a lost cell phone with some of her own filthy selfies might end up finding Ella just what she was looking for.

Knox Kinkaid is all about the visuals. How his growing hotel empire looks, how he looks in the mirror and yeah, how he looks pleasing the women in his life. Too bad proof of such visuals--his phone filled with selfies and yes, videos--gets lost. Or so, he thinks. After Ella offers to return it, he does not expect to find the visuals she leaves him. Once he does, Knox knows he has to have Just One Night with Ella.

***READERS: This was previously published as Just One Night. With new edits, more Knox and Ella, this this is a super steamy one-night-stand becoming something-more romance short. Quick, fast and hard. Panty melting. Kindle igniting. You have been warned! ***

Italian Mockup.png

Naughty Italian Fighter

Cress Stone thought she knew love once. Thought she held it in her hand, but it slipped right through her fingers. Now she doesn't know if she believes in love at all. Who knows what love is, when you've never had but a glimpse of it?

Judge Walker knows what love is, because he had it with a sweet girl who stole his heart before he knew what she was doing. Life tore them apart, but he fought his way back to her. Now, they'll both know what love is because he won't let anything, life included, tear them apart again.

Now he is in for the round of his life--fighting for his first love.

***Reader's Note: Previously Published as Fighting For Her, this short, hot, second-chance romance has new edits, new material but the same panty melting tale of first love finding its way.***

Arabian mockup.png

Naughty Arabian Prince


Ali Naim is a diamond in the rough, a good soul with a kind heart but he is getting nowhere in life. Just when he is thinks it can get no better, he sets sights on the most beautiful vision: Jasmine Amir, the princess of Silver Shores and someone he can never have. Until he finds Jhene, who promises to turn him into a prince worthy of someone of her stature

Jasmin Amir may be called a princess but she just wants to find love. And when she meets Ali, she thinks maybe she has. When Jhene, a magical and mysterious man with endless connections, promises to give them both what they want, she starts to believe in happy ever afters. 

***READERS: This was previously published as Forbidden Treasures, in the Crooked Crowns Anthology. With new edits, more Ali and Jasmin--and more Jhene, too, this this is a super steamy romance with a nice twist of taboo You have been warned! ***

French mockup.png

Naughty French Nerd


Her body is for sale, not her heart.


Brooke is not ashamed of her passions or how she gets paid for them. Being a highly paid call-girl at the swanky Magnolia House means pleasure is always no-strings attached. Which works for her, because this cold queen has no strings on her. 


Elijah Lamont is not a customer of the Magnolia House--he just works there. But when he sets sights on Brooke, he knows he would pay any price to be the man she lets tie her down. 

***READERS: This was previously published as Ice Queen, in the Magnolia Diaries Anthology. With new edits, more Brooke and LOTS MORE Elijah this this is a super taboo romance is sure to sizzle your kindle. You have been warned! ***

Scot Mockup.png

Naughty Scottish Rogue


Blurb Coming Soon!

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