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Cocky Cocktails Series

Sunset Shots in Sunset Springs

Sunset Springs is the hottest spot on the east coast for fun in the sun. And the hottest place to be every single night is Sunset Shots, the new bar just off the sandy beaches that draw the tourists. People come for more than the drinks—they come for the hot bartenders who mix up more than cocktails for your pleasure. Ladies love them because they serve more than fruity drinks and sour shots—they serve sex appeal. They mix drinks with flirty winks, their pecs and abs on full display.  

Who will be able to get more than a taste of these hot bartenders? Read each intoxicating story with a promise of syrupy sweet romance and sunburn hot steam—and I promise no hangovers, just HEAs! 

Mimosa Mock.png

Maybe Mimosas


How was I supposed to know when the one was going to walk into my life? 

I was not looking for her—mostly because I never believed in that sort of thing. I love my life just the way it is. I love my bar, Sunset Shots, I love my friends, and I love the ladies that come to get a drink at and flirt it up. A casual hook-up happens sometimes but mostly I gave up on finding love.  

Until Jade, the one, walks into my bar and into my life and I know one night won’t be enough.  


Heartbreak happens to the best of us.  

Finding out my fiancé was secretly in love with my sister sure broke mine. I escape to Sunset Springs, where broken hearts go to heal. Sunny shores, sandy beaches, and sinful drinks are just what I need. What I don’t need is to walk into the hottest bar in town and find myself falling all over the hot bartender, Jameson. Who could blame me though? 

I came to Sunset Springs to heal my heart—he might not want to keep my heart, but I think he can help heal it.  

Margarita Mock.png

Maybe Margaritas



Some call me rude. Some say I have a bad attitude. Maybe I do—but I earned that bad attitude. I bounced around most of my life after I ran away from an abusive home. I don’t have good memories or expect a good future. All I have going for me is Sunset Shots—the bar my best friend Jameson lets me bartend at. Hell, he pays me to be an asshole on nights they need a bouncer.  

When Winona Easton sits her pretty ass at the end of the bar suddenly, I want to be very, very nice.  


Surely at this age I have run through all the bad romances I am going to have. I always pick complex guys. By that I mean ones who just complicate my life. When I escape one such complication, I find myself safe in the beach town of Sunset Springs. That is until one of the hot bartenders at the bar starts making eyes at me.  


Once I notice him, it becomes impossible to not notice him. But the last thing I need is another romance. Even if this one feels like the first good thing I have ever had.  

Martini Mock.png

Maybe Martinis


Living the life on the beach is the best choice I ever made. Here in Sunset Springs, the waves bomb, the sun shines, and the ladies love the show we put on at Sunset Shots. Yeah, maybe some beefcakes pouring drinks shirtless is cheap, but I never claimed to be anything but. I might have fun at the bar, but my fun stays there—I never bring it home and I never take it seriously.  

How can I—I stay busy ruining all of Cori’s dates. No way I am letting some dude off a dating app take her home. Not on my watch.  


Love could be walking right through that door. Probably not tonight, since it is ladies' night at Sunset Shots, but the sentiment remains the same. My best friend Reign made me agree to meet all my blind dates here—and since I am on a mission to find the man of my dreams, that means lots of date nights at the hottest bar in town.  

Too bad no love connection seems to be happening. And it won’t, not with that cocky but sexy Collins screwing up every date I set up. If I didn’t know better, I would say he doesn’t like me dating.  

I have no clue because—it is not like he wants to be my date. I mean, it’s not like that, is it? 

Mojitos Mock.png

Maybe Mojitos 



Life is good here in Sunset Springs so I can’t complain. I work with my best friends, the beach is our front yard, and Sunset Shots is the hottest tourist spot in town. More than tourists hang out here, but only one regular ever gets my attention. The last one who ever should.  

Reign is my best friend’s little sister—so I know she is off limits. Just my luck, Reign seems to be the one person who doesn’t notice I have a thing for her.  


I am more than a little sister, a dean’s list student, and a best friend. I am a woman. I am grown but no one in my life seems to realize how much. I explore my sexuality and its raw hunger on the dark corners of social media. No one knows me there, so they do not treat me like a good little girl.  

One man seems to know me inside and out. When our connection spills over to the real world, I find myself questioning if I know what—or who—I really want. 

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