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Driftwood Peaks Mountain Men

These mountain men are grumpy, growly & gorgeous!

Up on the mountains of Driftwood Peaks, the men are a bit growly, a bit gruff, and very gorgeous. They keep to themselves and live life on their own terms. Whether they turn wrenches, build things with their hands, or write poetry and bake cakes, these men prefer to stay on the Peaks and away from the rest of Driftwood.  

That is until they find their mountain woman! 

MM Hideout Mock.png

Mountain Man's Hideout Book #1

Mack Felle

I came to Driftwood Peaks by mistake--but make no mistake, I chose to stay on purpose. This small town and the mountain I have made my new life on is just what I needed. I prfer the wide open spaces of being out here amongst the wild. I would never leave the mountain if I didn't have to. 


On a trip to town, I come face to face with the first woman to make me consider how lonely I truly am. 

Mollie Winters

I came to Driftwood to take a chance on myself. A big city girl who was born and bred in a backwoods town, Driftwood Peaks is the best of both worlds. Wildnerness and wild men. Mack is all brute and beard but I can't help how badly she wants him. He can hide out up on the mountain if he wants--I just want to hide with him. 

MM Obsess Mockup.png

Mountain Man's Obsession Book #2

Everet Felle

I spent most of my lifetime taking orders. First from my asshole father and then from asshole commanders in the military. Tired of taking orders, I set up shop in Driftwood turning wrenches and carve myself a small spot on the mountain. Being alone and answering and looking after no one suits me just fine.

One day a woman comes to my shop and I know I would do anything she ordered.

Elena Major

I am on the run from the one man I should have been able to trust. My father treated me like a caged bird until it suited him to set me loose to free himself. Winding up in a dead end mountain town my first mishap, but trusting Everett to help me survive my nightmare is no mistake. 

MM Mixup Mock.png

Mountain Man's Mix Up Book #3

Leia Danvers

I do not belong at a skiing resort. With two left feet and a panache for disaster, I ought to stay far away from ski slopes and snowboards. But it's time I have a little fun! After my best friend enters me into a bachelor-type weekend at a ski lodge, I decide, why not?

It is not the flashy bachelor I want—it's his clumsy, cute mountain man best friend!


Luke Wade

I've gotten through life on my charm and my connections. Being the best friend of the hottest skier on the circuit has its perks. Like a weekend at a ski lodge while he films a dating show. Leia mistakes me for a burly lumberjack which couldn't be further from the truth.

Though, once I find her, I do kind of want to go caveman on her and steal her away to the mountains!

***Formerly Released as Hard Packed, Luke and Leia get new edits and a new look***

MM Sweets Mockup.png

Mountain Man's Sweets Book #4

Abel King

I served this country until they used me all up. Whoever I used to be is gone. All that is left is a shell of a man, one who does not belong with most of society. Truth be told, I don’t want to be with most folks.

Until one day, a bright sunspot of beauty smiles at me.

Apple Booker

I try to see grace and beauty in just about everything. That includes the beautiful but beastly Abel, who comes down off his mountain just long enough to turn my world upside down.

Abel knows he found the apple of his eye once he gets a taste of his sweet redhead.

***Formerly released as His Red Delicious, Abel and Apple get new edits and a new look!***

MM FF Mockup.png

Mountain Man's Fake Fiance Book #5

Brett Shea

I want her at any cost—even if it makes me the bad guy.

Being on a bachelor dating show failed to find me the right woman. It also made me seem like a complete jerk to whoever watched it. Which means finding a woman to settle down with has been difficult. Lucky me, I found the perfect woman. Call me obsessive but I want what I want—and I want Brielle North.

When the object of my obsession needs help, I can’t refuse. All it will cost her is her heart, body, and soul.

Brielle North

Living a lavish vagabond life means I forget the small things. Things like paying bills or a regular nine-to-five job. Forgetting them doesn’t mean they go away and when daddy gives me an ultimatum, I decide to strike out on my own. Well, with the help of the local hot billionaire.

Who cares if he is the most handsome man I have ever seen? Why would it matter that when he looks at me, I feel like the only woman in the world. Brett Shea is a ladies' man and this favor is just his way of trying to add another notch to his belt.

Being his for pretend cannot be that bad, can it?

*** Formerly Released as Holi-Date, Brett and Brielle get new edits and a new look!***

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