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Harmony Hollow Mister Series

Welcome to Harmony Hollow, where wealth is about living the life of your dreams!  

Get ready to swoon as you dive into the heartwarming, sizzling series set in the small town of Harmony Hollow. Follow the love stories of bold and brash billionaires who find themselves smitten by someone who's worth more than all their riches combined. Against the backdrop of this charming town, these stories weave together the opulent lifestyles of the wealthy and the simple pleasures of small-town living. 


These tales stand on their own but keep an eye out for familiar faces who pop in to say hello


Mr. Pink Book #1


Holden Hill

Once upon a time, I had it all: a new wife, a new baby, and more riches than any man needs. Life was a dream, until tragedy struck. Suddenly, my billions mean nothing as my little girl needs more than a fortune can give.

We cycle through nannies until a vibrant, radiant beauty comes out of nowhere. Emrie has brought our home back to life with her rainbow of colors and infectious energy. My withdrawn daughter sparkles again, excited to share her little with world with her. To be honest, so am I.

Emrie Tyler

My dream life was simple: a loving family of my own. I didn't need to rule the world, just to be a devoted wife and mother. Becoming a nanny for Holden Hill, the brooding billionaire whose daughter lives in a world of her own, was the perfect gig.

I cannot help falling for daddy and daughter. Holden dashes home to us, his precious daughter slowly opening her world to me. Turns out they are my dream come true.

**Mr. Pink is now part of my Misters series, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrDaring Mock.png

Mr. Daring Book #2


Sloan Welch

Once upon a time, I believed in love. Now I cannot remember how it feels. Not after an accident that scarred my body and soul. I am so sure I am unlovable I ignore my billionaire boss’ lingering touches and longing glances. It doesn’t matter that he is the only man I trust, the one who was there for me through everything.

Because if I can’t love myself, how can I expect Bastian to love me?

Bastian Morningstar

Being an important man does me no damn good if the woman I love won’t let me in. I cannot woo or her buy her, and I wouldn’t want to. I just want to love her. Her tragedies might have scarred her—but they didn’t ruin her and I will do whatever it takes to prove it.

***Reader: Mr. Dare was previously released as Double Dare, now with new edits and a fresh look***

MrGreed Mock.png

Mr. Greed Book #3


Jase Masters

I am a man who came from nothing. With my cousin Milo, we started an empire and Master’s Media has given us everything. Money, power, and prestige. 


Call us greedy, but we want one more thing—the woman we will share our life with. And we didn’t find her—she found us.  

Fallon Ritchie

Just two weeks ago, I thought I had life figured out. Graduate with a degree in journalism. Check. Get an internship at Master’s Media, the most powerful media conglomerate on the east coast. Also, check. Be woman enough to have not one but both of my bosses fall for me? Impossible!  

Having the two hottest, richest men I’ve ever met want me is some kind of bonus package.  


**Readers: Mr. Greed was previously released as Billionaire X2, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrVows Mock.png

Mr. Vows Book #4


Roman Thorne

I am a man of my word. At least, I used to be, at all costs, in business and in life. I made a promise to my father when I took over our Vineyard. I would marry for business, merging our company with another powerful vineyard in the process. I had every intention of keeping that promise—until I walked into the jewelry shop to look for a ring.

Rian will design the ring I came here for—only I won’t be putting it on the finger of a woman I feel nothing fore. I will be putting it on her because she makes me feel everything. Rian


Rian Dexter

I gave up on love four weddings ago. Selling forever to men and women as a jewelry designer has lost its sparkle. Once upon a time it was romantic and exciting. Designing golden promises of forever for strangers almost becomes too much. Until Roman Thorn comes to my shop and seems much more interested in me than his soon-to-be bride.

I should feel guilty, but he makes me feel like the only woman on earth, and for once in my life, I want to be selfish.

**Readers: Mr. Vows was previously released as Always a Bridesmaid, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrMess Mock.png

Mr. Mess Book #5


Micah Worth

I sure have made a mess of things. After growing up on the streets, I worked my ass off to get to where I am. To create the life I have. All that is missing is a woman to love. Oh, I have her—Mila Masters is more than my partner and my best friend, she is the woman of my dreams.

Afraid of messing up our friendship, I never let her know—until one double date on Christmas has me making a mess of everything.

Mila Masters

All my life was figured out before I even started living it. And I love it. Writing stories about love and romance in secret while working for my cousin's splashy magazine by day. My life is just about perfect. But the one thing that would make it perfect, I cannot have. Tell my best friend Micah that I love him? No way. He is the most important part of my life, and if he doesn’t love me back, if we can’t have the kind of romance I write about, I can’t risk losing him.

**Readers: Mr. Mess was previously released as Merry Christ-Mess, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrBoss Mock.png

Mr. Bossy Book #6


Kolt Masters
I am about to close the deal of my life. I may already have plenty of zeros in my bank account but this deal will make me the king of tech and who doesn't want to wear that crown? To pull it off, I need a favor from the last person I should be asking favors of.

Karina Sparks
It's not hard playing the part if you know what they expect of you. My boss expects his coffee hot, his treats sweet, and me at his beckon call. I can handle all of that. When he asks me to go beyond being his assistant to play his wife, that is not something I think I can handle.

Not when our kisses feel real.
His touch feels real.
We feel real.

Does Kolt Masters want to be more than my boss?

**Readers: Mr. Bossy was previously released as Work Wife, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrFlirt Mock.png

Mr. Flirt Book #7


Nathan Wilder

I am damn good at what I do. At least, behind the comfort of my desk, lost in numbers and figures. Being out in the real world is a lot tougher. Tired of being alone, I decide to flirt with the next woman I meet—lucky for me Mrs. Right crashes into me before I can chicken out.

Neeve James

I am good with people. Good at reading what they want and finding how to give it to them. What I am not good at is sticking with anyone. Until I crash into the one thing I never expected—a good guy who makes me feel safe for the first time in my life.

Does he have me flirting with the idea of sticking with him?

**Readers: Mr. Flirt was previously released as Flirt Like a Boss, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrGrump Mock.png

Mr. Grump Book #8


Malcom Fort

They call me a grump, a grinch, a scrooge. Yeah, I hate the lights, the songs, and the merriment of the holidays. One thing I still cannot stand is Mistletoe, the year-round Christmas store. Mostly because I am not prepared to feel what the owner, Noel King, makes me feel.

To rid myself of her, the sickly-sweet store, and hopefully how bad I want her, I give her an eviction notice—not that I can evict her from my heart.

Noel King

Mr. Malcom Fort might be a bit of a grump, but I see what no one else does. I see how his eyes light up when they string Main Street with holiday lights. I see how he smiles when we get our first snowfall. He’s not the scrooge he pretends to be. Even with his grumpy ways, something about the handsome billionaire jingles my bells.

Maybe instead of evicting me for Christmas, I can convince the grinch to give me a few kisses under the mistletoe?

**Readers: Mr. Grump was previously released as Mistletoe Magic, now with new edits and a fresh look**

MrMlHi Mock.png

Mr. Mile High Book #9


Drew Walsh
This trip is the last thing I want to do, but as CEO of Walsh Media, I have little choice. Someone needs to take the trip to London to sweet talk our investors. My recent shenanigans have soured them on me, it seems. I was never cut out to lead a billion dollar company, but my father’s death leaves me no choice.The board says it is time to straighten up. Starting with a trip to kiss ass while I play a good boy.

When I boarded the plane and set sights on the maid Demi, I decide this trip is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Demi Black
Drew Walsh is rich, powerful, and handsome—but the day we meet he is a mess. When he boards the plane I am doing maid service for, I do my best to avoid him. Until the plane takes off with me still on board! Drew surprises me by taking care of me. Then he invites me on his trip to London—with one catch.

He asks me to pretend to be his future wife—all so the press and his company’s board will get off his back.

What would they do if they found out he is faking it with a maid?

**Readers: Mr. Mile High was previously released as Mile High Maid now with new edits and a fresh look**

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