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Harmony Hollow sweet treats

These sweet bites of romance will satisfy your cravings!

Welcome to Harmony Hollow, where our heroes are cinnamon rolls for their sweet and sexy women! Try a bite of a world that promises a taste of over-the-top romance, lots of spice, a dash of humor and always a sweet happily ever after! 

These stories are standalones short stories, set in our small town of Harmony Hollow. They do not need to be read in order, but lots of characters from each book can be found in other stories in this series! Take a big bite of Harmony Hollow’s Sweet Treats, I promise satisfying morsels! 

ST 1 Mockup.png

Sweet Treat - Book #1



It’s that time of year when magic and joy happen. Unless, of course, you’re me, stuck taking photos of Santa with the kids at Santa’s Village. Don’t get me wrong, I love being behind the camera, catching special moments for the families. I guess I just wish this year could be the year my own wish would come true.  

All I want for Christmas is someone to love me.  


Christmas if the best time of the year, if you’re asking me. I spend most of my time in front of a camera, letting my looks pay my bills. When the holidays come around, I take a gig just because it sounds fun. Who wouldn’t want to play Santa? And when I see my sexy little elf, I know I am getting just what I want for Christmas.  

Santa’s is getting his baby, because Joy is going to be mine.  

**Previously released as Santa's Baby, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

SC Mockup.png

Sweet Cream - Book #2



I spend my days baking sweet treats—it’s my love language. My nights are spent wishing I had someone to bake more than sweets for. I let my best friend talk me into doing a cooking competition. I don’t expect to win, but when I meet Baker Elliot, I consider it a consolation prize. Because he is the sweeter than my Chantilly cream.


I have all the money and power a man could want. What I am still missing is a sweet thing to call my own. The moment I lay eyes on the sugary sweet Chantel, I am ready to pin more than a winner’s bow to her. I want to pin forever on the her sexy curves, starting with my last name and maybe a bun on the oven!

**Previously released as His Sweet Chantilly, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

SS Mockup.png

Sweet & Savory - Book #3



I am a woman who knows what she wants--and I do whatever it takes to get it. Even if a hunk of a man is in my way. Maybe even when I start to fall for that man as our battle of wills turns from snarky and sassy to sexy and sweet.

Will my fear of happily ever-afters scare him away?


I am not a man who backs down from a challenge. When that challenge is the witchy but winsome woman threatening my business, I even enjoy that challenge. What if I want more than flirting and fighting?

When push comes to shove, can we get past our battles to scare up a real romance?

**Previously released as Trick or Eat, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

SM Mockup.png

Sweet Memory - Book #4



Small town living is where it’s at, if you ask me. Being the town butcher means I know just about everyone. When Tori Beckett opens a sexy little store across the way, I want to know everything about her. Too bad we can’t get along for five minutes—even if I want to stuff her with my sausage the entire time.


I came to Harmony Hollow because I was tired of the fast life. Tired of the glamor and glitz. I don’t know if I fit here, especially when the butcher all the ladies love cannot stand me. Benji frustrates me as much as he excites me. When I need him most, he is there when no one else is.

If I can’t remember that we hate one another, can we just pretend we get a happy ending together?

**Previously released as Forgot and Found, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

ST Mockup.png

Sweet Tease - Book #5



Very little scares me. As a marine, bravery became a habit. Now, I run a security business to ensure everyone in Harmony Hollow is safe. However, after my wife passed away, I locked my heart up, afraid of the risk of another heartbreak.

Leave it up to a five-foot nothing, pushy, cupcake making beauty to break that lock wide open.


I would not call myself wicked. Or a flirt. Definitely not a tease. At least, not until I set sights on Harley. He's big, burly, and always a big, bad grump. That won’t stop me. I'm slowly breaking down his walls with my irresistible sweet treats--and my cupcakes.

**Previously released as Wicked Wishes, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

SF Mockup.png

Sweet Fit - Book #6


Carmine Castellano

Looking past imperfections is what I do for a living. As a physical trainer, I work hard to make people feel better about themselves. Not that I feel too good about myself. They call me grumpy, mean, even cold—and maybe I am. Until I set sights on the perfection that is Carli Hopps, the brightest ray of sunshine paired with the curviest body I have ever seen.

If you ask me what perfection is, it’s that sunshine woman, and I want her for myself.

Carli Hopps

I came to Harmony Hollow to start over. To fix all the things I always thought were wrong about me: my career, my romantic life, and yeah, my curves. If anyone had told me I would find a big, beautiful, brute of a man at the gym, I would have laughed. But I can’t help but think that maybe the stoic trainer has his eyes on me—and that idea is enough to make me sweat!

**Previously released as Hard Fit, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

Swt Sr Mockup.png

Sweet & Sour - Book #7



Holidays used to be the best time of the year for me. Until the woman I loved turned down my holiday proposal. Now I hate the holidays but this year even more—because I just got partnered on a new build in Harmony Hollow with—you guessed it—the love of my life.

Is it going to be a sour Christmas? Or will I finally get the sweet answer I want?



Five years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life. Every single holiday since, I am reminded of how I lost the one thing I wanted most—Oliver. This holiday season gave me a gift. Not just a chance to work with my favorite architect again, but a chance to give a different answer to the most important question of our lives.

Oliver is very different now, hating the holidays and maybe even me. Can I find a way to win back the man I’ve never stopped loving?

**Previously released as Naughty & Nice, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

Swt Scr Mockup.png

Sweet Secret - Book #8



Talon Madden. Handsome. Sexy. Cocky.
Nicest guy in town. Lover of kids and puppies.
Also my younger brother's best friend.

A guy like Talon is a treat. Strong, sculpted arms that he holds me so tight with when we watch scary movies in the dark. Strong, firm hands that light me up like a jack-o-lantern when they touch me. Young and charming with a smile so sweet, who needs Halloween candy?

He has always been off-limits. Of course, he has. My brother would kill us if he found out what we were up to lately.

Talon Madden

For years I have had a secret. One I have kept from the two most important people in my life. How could I ever tell my best friend I have been in love with his sister for half of my life? I couldn’t, not after all they had been through. We should not cross lines because so much is at stake.

I think it is worth it, so I won’t take no for an answer—not when True admits she has been keeping her own sweet secret.

**Previously released as Toil & Trouble this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

SB Mockup.png

Sweet Baby - Book #9



Winding up stranded in small town Harmony Hollow just before Christmas, with no money, no place to stay, and my new baby feels like a bad Lifetime movie. When a brooding mountain man offers me a place to call home for the holidays, I change my mind—now it feels like one of those sweet Hallmark movies and I am so here for it.

Burke Ives

Leaving Harmony Hollow was never an option for me. My family is here, and even if I never wanted my own wife and kids, I love them and cannot wait to spend the holiday with them. When a trip to town brings Bristol and her beautiful baby into my life, I start to reconsider my thoughts about my own family.

Because it doesn’t matter where Bristol and her precious baby came from—they wound up with me and I know just what to give Bristol for our first Christmas together.

I plan to give her my last name and another baby in her belly.

**Previously released as Sleigh Bell Baby, this story has new edits and a sweet new look!**

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