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Harmony Hollow Hawks

Fantasy is Not Just For Player Leagues with The Hawks!

Football is not so different from love. Make your play, move your romance down the field one down at a time, and always, always aim for the win. These stories are about finding love and holding on, finding love after you lost it, and finding a way to win at the game of love. Set in the sweet town of Harmony Hollow, the Hawks are football players second and book boyfriends first! 

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End Game - Book #1


Connor Mitchell

Play the game.

Conner Mitchell has a playbook he lives by. A master plan he has spent most of his life building his plans yard by yard. Play the game, get drafted, and make something of himself. A game plan he knows backwards and forwards.
A game changed by Hailee Waters.

A brilliant and beautiful track star—and his best friend—destined to teach him a thing or two about the game of life. And love. Their romance is not without its fumbles but he plays to win and so does she.Nothing will keep him from the girl he loves—not their life plans, or a diagnosis that could sideline them both.

Conner knows they have to play, love, and live like champions—because Hailee is his end game.

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False Start - Book #2


Paisley Story had her chance at the kind of love they write books about. But it blew up in her face. Now she doesn’t want real romance—not when her heart still beats for the man who gave it away. When she winds up back home and face-to-face with him again will they fumble it all again?

Bran North knows he blew his chance to be with the girl he loved for most of his life. But when she comes back to town, he can’t avoid her forever—even if she wants him to stay away. They had a false start all those years ago, and he fumbled, but now he thinks maybe he can win her back—even if it takes some trick plays to do it.

They may have had a false start before, but this time they will take it to the end zone!

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First Down - Book #3


Dash Dawson always scores on the field—he has to earn all those zeros his NFL team is paying him. Those zeroes also mean he is considered one of the city’s most sought-after bachelors in the country. Being wanted does not mean much to a guy like Dash—he is not a one play kind of guy even if the media paints him that way.

Daisie King grew up thinking life was good for everyone—until her life fell apart all at once. Picking herself up, she takes the first job she can get so she can get life back on track. Meeting the man of her dreams by accident is not in her game plan—but Dash knows much more about playing the game than she does.

Can they score together off the field, or is he bound to fumble?

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First & Goal - Book #4


Blurb Coming Soon!

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Forward Pass - Book #5


Blurb Coming Soon!

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