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Crystal Cove Holiday Series


Snow Angel

Crystal Cove is where wishes come true. 

For Kris Nichols, he's hoping that's more than the tag-line on the quaint sign welcoming you to the picturesque town. Kris is a believer in romance. He hopes this holiday season he finds his own romance. Outside the pages of the romance books he writes. 

Emma Snow might be a real life Angel. She's also smoking sexy and makes him want to do devilish things to her. After a year of falling for each other, while keeping each other at a safe distance, will this Christmas bring them the gift they both want?



Stupid Cupid


Crystal Cove Reminds You Of Love. 

Theo Valentine doesn't want to remember; not the cute little town, his forgone friends or the girl he's done everything to forget. A lovely flower when he knew her a decade before, she's bloomed into a stunning woman. A mother, a fighter and the sexiest thing he's ever seen. A decade apart, and all the trying hasn't done much to erase his feelings for her. Now, she's the only thing that makes him want to remember. 

Daisy Kirkpatrick might be tough-but she doesn't want to be. Once the town sweetheart, her fairytale life fell apart piece by piece. Left with nothing but her precious twins and lots of bad memories, romance is the last thing she's thinking about. Enter Theo-her secret high school crush-in town just long enough to make Daisy wonder if her fairytale is still coming true. 


Chasing Glory


Crystal Cove's small town charm is what people love about it. 

Brady Lowe sure loves it. He is about as small town as you get. Brady’s content running his dad's construction company, eating at the diner every Thursday, and taking home a local lady from his sister's bar when he has an itch to scratch. Brady scratches that itch just fine, until Glory Falcone blows into town. Glory is mouthy, smart, and hotter than June in Crystal Cove and Brady knows she's the one he's been waiting for. 

Glory gets as far as her jeep will take her; it just so happens to be cute, idyllic Crystal Cove. It also just so happens to have Brady Lowe as it's welcoming committee. Glory doesn't exactly believe in happily ever afters, not after the "after's" she's had. At least she didn't. Not until Brady Lowe's determined ways, crooked smile and home town charm make her want for more.

Mock TT.png

Tricky Treats


Crystal Cove is about as safe a place you can find. 

Aria Lowe doesn't know if she believes that. She hates change, and lately there's been plenty of it going on around her small town. Aria doesn't like change; it terrifies her. Aria doesn't need to explore things or spread her wings; what if she fell instead of flew? Imagine how surprised she is when cocky but sweet Gabe Holmes makes her feel like she's soaring. 

Gabe has lived life loud and large just about long enough-he spent most his life on the go. A stop in Crystal Cove brings sweet, gentle, and sexy-as-sin Aria Lowe into his sights. But, Gabe's all about change and Aria has no room for that in her orderly life. Can Gabe prove to her you can stand still, and fly free at the same time?

NR Mock.png

New Resolutions


Resolutions often come true in Crystal Cove. 

Colby Lodge is a clumsy but sweet and sexy bartender. He'd hoped for a great holiday and a perfect New Year. After his girlfriend dumps him—for his best friend—his truck breaks down, he gets evicted, and his cat runs away, he’s just hoping to survive. Then Mia Potter—the girl who got away—saunters into The End and he thinks they might get their Resolutions after all. 

Mia walked away once knowing she was making a huge mistake. Fast forward five years and she’s back to fix that mistake—even if Colby can’t believe she’s here to stay. A lifetime ago Colby Lodge was her New Year’s Resolution every year, even if he didn’t know. They never got to start a new year the way either of them hoped. Can they finally get their New Year right and start it together

LD Mockup.png

Lucky Duck


Crystal Cove makes the impossible seem very possible. 

Liam Wade comes from a long line of unlucky jerks. So, he knows better than to take advantage of Briar Murphy, the girl he’s been crazy about for years. She’s his kid sisters best friend and she doesn't need a Wade ruining her. One stupid night gives him everything he’s ever wanted, but in Crystal Cove, few things change and he’s afraid the Wade curse will ruin the best thing he’s ever had. 

Briar Murphy knows all about being unlucky. What else do you call pining for your best friends delicious and dangerous older brother? Coming home to find him looking at her the way she always dreamt of awakens her girlhood crush. Liam thinks he's protecting his kid sister's bestie. But, Briar's all woman now—and she doesn't need his protection. She just needs him.

GF Mock.png

Good Fridays


Crystal Cove gives people a chance to redeem themselves 

Beckett Potter came to Crystal Cove for redemption. To give himself over to the church and the town that his family took so much from. Potters know nothing but taking, but he's not like his family. But when he meets Eve at church, all he can think of is taking. Taking her, owning her, making her his. Beckett lost his innocence a long time ago. 

Eve is a lot more innocent than she looks. Just twenty-one, she looks like a tempting pin-up with her curves and rock-a-billy style but knows little about temptation. Religion kept her sheltered even though it also brought her peace. That is, at least, until the new deacon makes her suddenly want some sinful things!

FF Mockup.png

Father Figures


Crystal Cove locals know all about second chances. 

Austin Ricard had a happily ever after, until his wife passed four years ago. Relocating to her hometown to feel closer to her, he instead meets sexy, sweet Shelby Wade. Shelby bonds with his daughters, but he’s not here to start romance. Shelby and his girls have other plans and although he's nearly old enough to be her father, he doesn't see Shelby as anything but the sexy, sassy second chance he never expected.

Shelby Wade has spent her life surrounded by men who try to control her. Four brothers and a stubborn father hardly let her breathe, let alone find romance. Shelby finds freedom when she meets new neighbor Austin, a much older man who knows plenty about romance. The widower and his adorable daughters not only belong in Crystal Cove, they belong in Shelby’s life.

SS Mockup.png

Scary Single


Crystal Cove Can Make It Scary To Be Single 

Cari King isn't exactly afraid to be alone--it's all she knows after all. Despite an idyllic setting where romance blooms, her leading men are limited to the slasher heroes in her favorite horror flicks. At least Freddy, Jason and even Michael can't slash her heart to pieces. 

Mason Myers has other plans for her heart--like owning it. They flirt like fumbling teenagers each time Cari comes to rent movies from his video store. Halloween is their favorite holiday so Mason plans an epic movie-a-thon. Scary movies and popcorn with just the two of them. Every night. All month long. Scary Smart.

HG Mockup.png

Having Grace


There is plenty to be thankful for in Crystal Cove  

Duke Wade is not known for being a gracious. No, he’s known for being flirty and flashy. He, is however, thankful for the vision his new project sets in his path. Grace Lang might be the most beautiful woman he’s ever met; she’s also sweet, kind and way out of his league. They may be adversaries, but Duke wants to show her he can be a better man, and prove how thankful he would be to be a part of her new start. 

Grace loves the holidays—or at least she did once. Another fall reminds her how many holiday's she's spent alone. Adding to her misery, a new salon is giving hers a run for its money. Her new rival—brash, cocky Duke—is hotter than her mama’s turkey gravy. Too bad he knows nothing about how to be gracious.

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