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Driftwood Peaks Series

The Lusty Lumberjacks of Driftwood

Welcome to Driftwood where our sexy lumberjacks will take you through all the Peaks of romance! Whether you love grumpy-sunshine, age-gap, forbidden love, or opposites attract romance, this series will be for you! These alphas are growly and aggressive and once they find their match in their sweet leading ladies, nothing will stop them from keeping her. Insta-love in the mountains of Driftwood is around every Peak and Valley! And, of course everyone gets their forever after HEA here in Driftwood! 


Hard Wood Book #1

Ridge Decker lives as far out in the Georgia wilderness as he can get. He leaves his cabin to cut trees and hike the rocky trails and nothing else. He doesn’t much like the hustle and bustle of the big city and he hates the headaches and hang-ups of a relationship.  

When a pretty princess finds herself on his doorstep—he knows she is worth any ache she might cause him.  

Rosa Souza is running from a life where she had no choices but she gets lost in a snowstorm. When hard and handsome Ridge finds her, she realizes he didn’t just save her from a blizzard—he saved her from a life of being lost.  


Cherry Wood Book #2


Nolan Hill is trying to fit in with the roughnecks on the crew he logs with. They say he’s too soft spoken and gentle for their liking, but his mama raised him right. After a night out with the boys he wakes up in bed with a woman he doesn’t remember bringing home. And a gold wedding band on both their fingers.  

Naomi Fields is a widowed woman who went out for a drink just to be around people. When a handful of sexy roughneck loggers invite her to their table, she decides to live a little. Maybe she lived a little too much because she wakes up with the handsome younger man she flirted with all night calling her his wife.  

The craziest part? She doesn’t want to leave his bed or take his ring off.  


Thick Wood Book #3

Asher Torrance finds peace in cutting down trees for lumber in the woods of Georgia. He figures it’s about all he has earned along the dark path of destruction he left behind. When his new boss’ daughter starts making eyes at him, he has to keep his distance—or risk destroying her too. 

Aspen Billings may not get the risks her father takes—but she doesn’t mind taking a risk on the beautiful land he settled them on. On that land is a crew of men—one who makes her think of babies and weddings and forever, but he never looks at her twice.  

Until one night when their paths cross—and he claims he won’t ever take his eyes off her again.


Deep Wood Book #4


Keller Rollins needs control in his life and on his logging crew. He does not make time for women or for love because he doesn’t trust anyone. He sure doesn’t trust the dainty little thing that showed up at the landing. So why can he think of nothing but taking control of her sassy mouth?  

Quinn Von Muth belongs in the city in her designer duds and stiletto heels—not a logging landing. They have nothing in common and even less to like about one another. When she challenges him in front of his men, she finds out the hard way she judged him all wrong.  

Seems they have something in common after all—they both want Keller to take control of her.  

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