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Flirt Club

Santa's Baby (A Santa's Coming Short Story)


Santa’s Stuffing More Than Her Stockings...

Joy has no reason to love the holidays. Being single in the city with a joke of a job gives her little to celebrate. 

Until a Sexy Santa takes over at Santa's Village where Joy takes the kids' photos. Nick is yummier than any Christmas cookie and naughtier than any elf on any shelf. 

All Nick want's to unwrap this Christmas is Joy because he wants her to be Santa's Baby.


Resolution: Double Dare (A Resolution Pact Short Story)


My resolution sounds simple enough: Dare to embrace myself and the things I really want. 

To embrace myself: embrace my plus size figure even with the scars I wear.  To embrace what I want: Admit I am in love with two people at the same time. Bastian, the man of my dreams, is also my boss. London's been my best friend since college and we share everything--except for the truth. 

Can I learn to embrace myself and all my flaws while admitting I have feelings for two people?
Do I dare to love them both?


Dear Sexy Swimmer (The Matchmaker Series)

Life is not all pretty hearts and sweet candies for Maia Gamble. Heartbreak led her to a new life in a new town. It also left her lonely enough to consider trying romance a new way.

Old fashioned matchmaking romance!

Matched with a sexy swimmer--training for the Olympics--they share letters that let them be themselves and has her wanting to take the plunge.

Pike Paine is known for one thing: his breast-stroke. Always chasing gold has lost its spark. He's more than a golden boy. And Maia wants him for the man he is outside of the pool. 

Will she still once she realizes they jumped right in to the deep end of a forbidden romance?


Mr. Pink  (A Mr. Billionaire Short Story)

Holden Hill's life was the stuff legends were made of -- until his world was darkned by tragedy. Now his little girl needs more than his billions can buy. They both do. 

When he hires a nanny for his daughter he doesn't expect her to help him too. But, all Emrie's bright colors and sweet ways win both father and daughter over.

​Soon their stark and bleak home comes to life with bursts of light and color. His withdrawn little girl comes back to life, excited to share all her secrets with Emrie.

​Holden's secret? He fell in love with the help.


Spring Break Heartache (A Spring Breakers Short Story)

Noah Kent is a man who does everything big and bold. He follows his instincts. With business and with women--both of which he has done well for himself with. 

After he buys a resort in Cancun, he decides he's earned a break to check the location out. 

Instead of a wild week in Cancun, he finds his world turned upside down when he meets Lana Loren—a jilted bride looking for some Spring Break fun. Lana may have come to his resort for a fun week but he wants to give her a lot more than that. 

Because his instincts tell him he's the one to help the Lana get over her Spring Break heartache.

Always a Bridesmaid ereader.png

Always a Bridesmaid (A Wedding Season Series)


Rian Dexter gave up on love four weddings ago.

Selling forever to men and women as a jewelry designer has lost its sparkle. Once upon a time it was romantic and exciting. Until they began to look the same—a beautiful blushing bride, handsome groom, and her designs riding off into the sunset together.

Despite her disenchantment, another day brings another wedding with another sparkling promise of forever for someone else. Except Roman Thorn has no desire to marry the woman he’s buying a ring for. Arranged marriages are still done and he made a promise.

One he wants to break the moment he lays eyes on Rian. Bright, beautiful, and bold she’s the first woman he’s ever wanted to get on his knees for. Now the only future he wants to plan is one where she’s the bride he walks down the aisle to marry.

Roman is a man of his word—and though he promised to marry someone he felt nothing for, he will break that word to marry the woman who makes him feel everything.

Shore Thing.png

Shore Thing​ (Beach Babies Series)

Sidnee Ward came to Paris Isle to escape. No honeymoon for the wedding planner--just a break from the "I Do's" that she never gets to be a part of. Not that she believes in forever after love even if she plans them for a paycheck.

Stiles Franco is too busy to woo a woman. Summertime keeps his Bed & Breakfast in Port Isle flooded with tourists. Plus, he only has eyes for one lady—Bliss, his little girl. Until he sets sights on Sidnee, a bubbly and bright guest here for a week of fun in the sun.

Suddenly he wants her to stay for more than a vacation—he wants her to stay forever.

Forgot Mockup.png

Forgot & Found (Unforgettable Love Series)

Tori Beckett is a Cali girl bored her to tears of a life of glamor and glitz. To her life looks better slowed down and savored. It may be picture perfect in Harmony Hollow—and the hot butcher next door is a backwoods babe—but nothing goes right for her.

Benji Hooks doesn’t mind small town living one bit—until Tori makes him feel small town. Something about her smart mouth and sexy sass stirs him up. They do not get along even if this butcher does want to stuff her with his sausage.

Until Tori forgets everything she knows—except for him.... her husband?


Hard Fit (Flirty Fit Series)

Carli Hopps is looking to start life over. New city, new career, plus a new healthy outlook. Spa days, spoiling herself, and spending days at the local gym to take care of her body. Carli wouldn't mind if Carmine Olivio took care of her body for her.


Carmine is the grumpy and gorgeous physical trainer at Fit Factory. He used to love life as much as the sunshine sweet Carli seems to, but he lost his way. They are not a good fit, but he can't help but want her.

Dee eBook.png

Walking Their Plank (Ahoy Me Hearties Series)

Wren Carmichael can’t win for losing with love. No one seems able to tame her wild ways, and why would she want someone to tame her? Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it, right? But what if she really has no idea what she wants? Or who she wants?

Holt Waters and West Harrison are closer than brothers. Years of working for the good guys got them nothing but medals and misery—now they work for themselves and keep to themselves. They act as robin hood pirates by day, but at night, well they both want one thing. That beautiful bird who can’t seem to land the right man--because these two know she needs more than one set of hands to clip her wings.


Flirt Like a Boss (How To Flirt Series)

Nathan Wilder got to his glass castle in the sky by being honest—and ruthless. But that glass castle is a bit lonely, and he thinks he needs to learn how to be a little gentler. When he meets Neeve, he knows he wants to be more than gentle with her—he wants to woo her, to win her, and to keep her.  

Neeve Prescott is a bit of a wild spirit, not believing in romance or forever love. At least not until she meets the gruff and beguiling Nate, who makes her second-guess wanting to be with one person. Will she let him flirt her into a frenzy? 

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