Mustang Maverick


Chevi Lane runs with the big boys. Being CEO of a fast-paced, cut-throat boutique auto company, she has to. You might not even tell the difference if not for her hourglass figure, pretty face and wicked tongue. Chevi’s on a fast track to change the world, one auto build at a time. It takes one man to teach her how to slow down.

Jet Maverick is not just ten years her junior, he’s a lifetime behind her in lots of places that matter. Except, Jet knows how to take apart a car and put it back together in a few hours, how to design a genius hybrid engine that could put Mustang on top, and how to fine-tune her body like no one else before. Bonus? He talks like Romeo and looks like an underwear model.

Can Chevi trust the young intern with not just her company’s future, but her heart?

End Game Mock.png

End Game


Play the game.

Conner Mitchell has a playbook he lives by. A master plan he has spent most of his life building his plans yard by yard.

Play the game, get drafted, and make something of himself.
A game plan he knows backwards and forwards.
A game changed by Hailee Waters.

A brilliant and beautiful track star—and his best friend—destined to teach him a thing or two about the game of life. And love. Their romance is not without its fumbles but he plays to win and so does she.

Nothing will keep him from the girl he loves—not the years between them, their life plans, or a diagnosis that could sideline them both.

Conner knows they have to play, love, and live like champions—because Hailee is his end game.


Naughty Irish Fate


Bronwyn Flanagan believes in fate. 

Every single time Bronwyn has a doubt or a decision she’s too scared to make, she flips a gold coin. Leaving every flip of the coin in fates hands. 

Lucky for her, fate always seems to give her exactly what she wants. 

Until she meets Rooker Leary. 

Rooker is a man with no ties to any place or any one. Lives his life on the seas, stopping in ports just long enough to remember he is still a man. The salty sea has always been his siren call. Until he makes port in Shore Ridge. 

Bronwyn is a sweet siren that calls to him unlike anything ever has. Enough to make both of consider chancing fate. 

Will Bronwyn rely on a coin toss to decide their future?.

Fate Mocks.png

Trick or Eat


Kady Bartlett is a woman who knows what she wants--and does what it takes to get it. Even if a hunk of a man is in her way. Maybe even when she starts to fall for that man as their battle of wills turns from snarky and sassy to sexy and sweet.

Will her fear of happily ever-afters scare him away?

Keegan Dole is not a man who backs down from a challenge. When that challenge is the witchy but winsome woman threatening his business, he's enjoying the challenge more than ever.

When push comes to shove, will they get past their battles to scare up a real romance?