First Run

Soloman Duke is an over-the-road trucker who likes the solitary of the open road. It's why his buddies at Titan Trucking call him Solo. He does not have time for a family or even a woman and he's fine with that. Until a waitress catches his eye at a greasy spoon diner.  

As scared as she is stunning, he can't help but want to ask what she's running from—and he can spot a runner when he sees ones.  

Dulcie Ferrier is running from a man who terrifies her dreams and wants to destroy her life. Men have kept her in fear most her life but this man, this sexy and serious man, makes her feel safe and he makes her want to run right to him.

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Long Haul

Tanner Gray is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who loves everyone he meets and is happy they seem to love him too. Especially the ladies. He doesn't like strings or ties or anything that keeps him in one place. Unless it's in the bedroom, of course.  

But when he takes a load to a town he had a hell of a good time in once, he is shocked by what he finds.  

Brinna Morris hates the man who left her best friend pregnant and broken-hearted. When her best friend dies--she swears it's from a broken heart no matter what the doctors say--she sets out to find the man and let him know the son he abandoned needs his father. Too bad once she meets him, she can see exactly why her best friend loved him and why she could never get over him--because Brinna doesn't think she can get over him now either. 

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Double Team

Rafe and Tate have been best friends since they joined the Marines a lifetime ago. After fighting side-by-side they decide not to break up the team when they start driving for Titan Trucking. They are hard to take alone let alone teamed up together but it's how they come.  

Together or not at all.  

Not just on the road but with women.  

It's been impossible to find a woman right for either of them because they share everything--including their pleasure.  

Rachel Quince is a hell of a mechanic but all the guys at her shop care about is her rear end. The only guys who crank her gears are the two big beautiful men she shamelessly flirts with every chance she gets. She suspects they come as a pair and as much as she'd like to be a third wheel on their ride she doubts she can be enough for both of them.  

Big Rig

Bolton Briggs started Titan Trucking to hire the men he used to command in the Marines in hopes they could build something for themselves. Too bad he can't seem to outrun the horrors of his twenty years in the military like he keeps telling his men to.  

He knows better than to pick up strays but when he stops on a dark road to pick up a young girl, he realizes she is much more dangerous to him than he could ever be to her.


Ainsley Morrow is a free spirit who goes where the wind sends her. Tonight, it sent her into the path of the biggest and hottest man she has ever laid her eyes on. As big and tough as he looks, he seems scared of her. Little giggling, bubble-gum popping, virginal, barely legal her? Why would this big guy be afraid of her? 

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Good Buddy

Kalvin King is all business all the time. Except when he hears her voice on the radio and both his stick shift and his heart respond. He is not as charming or clever as his Titan Trucking buddies so aside from a few moments the two share, he gets no further than the buddy zone with her.  

He wants to tell his buddy that he wants her voice in his ear saying a lot more than road logs or shipment details.  

Mona Briggs joined Titan Trucking to help her baby brother out and two years later, she loves the whole team. In fact, she considers all of them brothers now--except Kalvin. From his sexy voice on the radio to his beautiful smile and his deep laugh, he makes her think things a sister could never think about a brother. Too bad he won't make a move and she's too afraid to lose their friendship to make a move for him.  

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Come Back

Dalton Wayne used to have a place he called home but now the road is his only home. Without ties to anyone or anyplace, he is happy living his life on the road, eating in dingy diners, and sometimes turning to women in the dark who please him without asking about the scars on his body and on his soul.  

A stop in his childhood hometown is the last haul he wants to take but he can't turn it down. When he coasts into the town he left a lifetime ago he can't believe what he finds.  

Dixie Harris always planned to get the hell out of her hometown if only to escape the memories of what could have been. When her past comes back looking as handsome and dangerous as ever, she's glad she stuck around. Can she get past his demons to prove she sees the sweet and handsome boy she thought she would grow old with, not the scarred and lonely man he has become? 

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